Modern Foreign Languages

The intent of teaching Spanish at Choppington Primary School is to provide our pupils with a solid foundation in the language, culture, and customs of Spain and other Spanish-speaking countries. We aim to enable our pupils to communicate confidently in Spanish, to develop a love for the language and culture, and to become culturally aware citizens. Through our curriculum, we intend to foster an environment where pupils are enthusiastic and inspired to learn Spanish and appreciate its value and relevance.  
To achieve our intent for Spanish, we will implement a carefully planned and structured curriculum that is aligned with national guidelines and best practices. We will use a range of effective teaching methods such as storytelling, songs, games, and other interactive activities that will appeal to different learning styles. We use ‘Language Nut’ as a resource to provide accurate pronunciation, interactive resources and a clear progression of skills. Our curriculum will be organised into progressive stages, and we will ensure that pupils have sufficient challenge and support across all stages. Pupils will become familiar with the sounds, intonation, and spelling conventions of Spanish, and they will develop their vocabulary in ways that support communication. They will learn to read and write in Spanish and become accustomed to listening to and speaking Spanish, developing the necessary skills to communicate effectively. Through our Spanish curriculum, we aim to have a profound impact on our pupils' lives by providing them with the necessary skills and knowledge to navigate an increasingly interconnected world. We believe that our pupils will develop a range of personal, social, and cultural competencies that will strengthen their position as enthusiastic learners. Our pupils will develop positive attitudes towards learning Spanish and other languages, gaining the confidence to communicate in a range of settings.  
The impact of our Spanish curriculum will be seen in our pupils' academic achievements in Spanish and their broader understanding of the world. This will also be evident in pupils' enjoyment of learning Spanish and their willingness to seek opportunities for further study. Ultimately, our curriculum's success will be measured by our pupils' interest in and engagement with Spanish and its associated cultures and traditions. We anticipate that our school's Spanish program will prepare our pupils well for the challenges and opportunities of living in a culturally diverse and multilingual world.