School Dog




Introducing Rosie - Our Adorable School Dog!

You might have noticed a furry friend trotting around our school corridors – that's Rosie, our adorable school dog! She's the heartbeat of our school, always wagging her tail and ready to bring a smile to everyone's face. 

Here's why having a school dog is absolutely pawsome!

1. Boosts Reading Confidence

Rosie is an expert listener!  Children who feel a little nervous or self-conscious about reading out loud find comfort in Rosie's non-judgmental presence. They can cuddle up with her while reading their favorite books, which helps build their confidence and love for reading.  #ReadingWithRosie

2. Walks and Talks 

Taking Rosie for a short walk around the school grounds isn't just about getting a breath of fresh air. It's also an opportunity for children to open up and share their worries, joys, or any concerns they might have. Rosie is a great listener and always provides a caring ear. #WalkAndTalksWithRosie

3. Emotional Support 

Sometimes, all we need is a warm cuddle when we're feeling down. Rosie is always there to give comforting snuggles and licks when children are sad or upset. Her presence can bring happiness and provide emotional support during those challenging moments.  #EmotionalSupportPawtners

4. Creates a Calm Environment 

Rosie's calming presence has a magical effect on everyone in the school. Her gentle demeanor helps create a peaceful and relaxed learning environment, making it easier for students to focus and concentrate on their studies. #CalmWithRosie

So, let's give a big round of appaws to Rosie for being such an amazing companion to all our students!