Topic Curriculum

Topic based approach

Topic-Based Learning involves combining many curriculum subjects (such as Science, Art, Geography and History) to allow students to explore subject matter at greater depth and to make better connections between different areas of learning. Studying a main ‘topic’ in 10 week blocks  (with a shorter 6 week block in the run up to Christmas) really enables children to develop a better understanding of what they are learning and allows them to have more fun doing it.

Whilst discrete subjects certainly still have their place, every class learns cross-curricular topics over an extended period of time. This provides a deeper understanding of the content being taught and allows students to transfer what they have learnt from one subject to the next. It is more child-centredskills-focused and allows for more creativity in the classroom.

Here at Choppington, our plans are on 2 year rolling cycle due to our mixed age classes. These cycles ensure full coverage of the National Curriculum for each Key Stage. Each topic has a key figure linked to our Commando Joe unit. Studying these characters improves our children's cultural capital and also help to provide a diverse range of experiences.

Below are our Long Term plans for each class: